Be Secure With Mortise Door Locks What Is A Mortise Lock?

A mortise lock improves the home security because they are very durable and hard to break through. This mechanism require that a rectangular hole known as the mortise cut into the edge of the door where it will be installed. These locks can also be used on furniture, like chests or wardrobes, and would require the installation.

4 Main Mortise Components-

Lock Body - The body of this type of lock is the part that is housed inside, or mortise, into the frame of the door.

Lock Trim - This is the part of the lock that actually opens the doors. This can be a lever, doorknob, handle, and so on. There are many different designs for lock trim.

Keyed Cylinder - This is the part of the mortise that houses the parts of the lock mechanism which control the locking and unlocking of the door.

Strike Plate - Also known as a box keep, it is a part of the lock which lines up the hole in the door frame with the bolt that inserts into the hole when the door is locked.

Installation of a Mortise-

Only a qualified Miami locksmith can install a mortise. A professional with experience of installing these kinds of locks can handle this job.