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Innovation by Chula Vista Locksmith – Electronic Locks
Electronic locks are new to Chula Vista Locksmith and the entire locksmithing field. They are used mainly by businesses that have key cards to gain access to specific locations. This system can be set up by an electronics technician or Chula Vista Locksmith. When electronic locks are used in cars, it is considered keyless entry, which is something else that Chula Vista Locksmith supports, can install, maintain and repair. There are different types of electronic locks for your business, Chula Vista Locksmith will explain some of them.

The first is called an access control system. Chula Vista Locksmith set's it up with a keypad so a number can be entered, and if the number matches a logical operator elsewhere in the Chula Vista Locksmith system, the door's electronic lock will open and grant you access. This is one of the most popular forms of business security Chula Vista Locksmith has to offer. It is a two way system, as somebody on the other side of the locked door can allow you access, which is generally done through speakers installed by Chula Vista Locksmith. This requires somebody on the other side of the door to answer the call.

If your business has many employees in different sections, Chula Vista Locksmith has a great idea for you. Key cards, or master key cards, can help keep people in and out of restricted areas. The user flashes a key card originated by Chula Vista Locksmith and programmed by their company, to a sensor, and it will read the magnetic strip on the card and either grant or deny access, unlock the door, and immediately lock it behind you. Chula Vista Locksmith  can also add and remove key cards without having to redo the entire system. The activity is recorded somewhere off site, by Chula Vista Locksmith, also, for extra peace of mind you deserve.

There are different locks that Chula Vista Locksmith uses. The most common being an electromagnetic lock. It unlocks when the magnet is powered by another source. Chula Vista Locksmith does caution against it because it could be a fire hazard. It is one of Chula Vista Locksmith most secure locks, and is also simple for us at Chula Vista Locksmith to install. Chula VistaLocksmith can make any modern lock electronic, but does not recommend that the customer try to do this without the assistance of Chula Vista Locksmith due to the dangers of working with electricity. Electronics technicians and Chula Vista Locksmith get together to create a secure, failsafe, electronic locking system for your business, home, or car.